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Solar Panels

Switch to the installation of solar panels in Queens and we make sure to provide you a better place to live.
How Solar Works?
1. At sunrise - System starts producing power and is stored in the grid.
2. During the day - Generate more power than consumption.
3. At night - The solar power stored in the grid is used for enlightening the property.
Why are Homeowners choosing to go Solar panels in Brooklyn?
  • Due to highest power costs
  • Provide strong state tax incentives for going solar
  • Provides an option to sell excess solar power home owners produce to the grid
  • Help save money
  • Control energy costs
  • Help save the environment
Why choose 212 Solar?
  • We are the trusted providers of the Brooklyn
  • We have helped countless people in powering their home with solar
  • We provide best guarantee ever
  • We provide easy financial options for going solar

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